My Experience at Seoul Fashion Week

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Dylan G.

Dylan G.

Fashion Week is a celebration of fashion both old and new. It is a time for designers to release new collections and display them on runways across the world. Seoul has always been a hotspot for fashion, and when I heard that fashion week would be taking place during the semster here, I knew I had to go! But Fashion Week is not just to admire designer brands and view runway collections. It is a time to showcase your own personal style, and see what others view as "fashion". The majority of the people going to fashion week are going to showcase their own personal style and take photos. Seoul Fashion Week takes place at DDP or Dongdaemun Design Plaza. This is a very modern space, and the architecture allows for a very pretty backdrop to your photos. Also there are hundreds if not thousands of photographers there who are willing to take your picture, whether for their own portfolio or just for fun. 

At DDP, theres is a long strip where people can walk around and this is where all the photography and pictures comes from. Pretty much anyone can stand up along the wall and let people take photos of them. It is definitely a weird experience at first but it was so unique and memorable. Even if you do not want to model or get pictures taken, it is so much fun to just see what people are wearing and even be a photographer yourself! Also, did I mention that you can see the MOST fashionable kids? Seoul Fashion Week is very famous for having the best dressed kids. I would recommend going to Fashion Week for this experience alone! This is one of the few places where people feel 100% comfortable wearing whatever they want while pushing the boundaries of fashion. 

For my experience at SFW, it was amazing and so much fun! My closest friends and I all went on multiple days and we all wore our best outfits. The planning process was honestly so much fun. Going to so many different stores, trying to buy pieces for the perfect fashion week outfit. We even got to style our friends who are not that passionate about fashion and make them outfits. We all tried our best to step out of our comfort zone and try new styles and looks. At Seoul Fashion Week, our group got a lot of pictures taken, some even making it to photographers' instagrams and pages! Seoul Fashion Week is the perfect place to admire fashion or participate in it. You can even go just to work on your photography skills/portfolio. Overall, SFW was a great bonding experience for my friend group here in Korea. We got to have fun together, take some amazing photos and create long-lasting memories with each other!


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