My CIEE story by Badr Macbahi

Authored by:
Oumaima Farik

My journey with CIEE has been an eye-opening experience; I have learned some important things that I would never learn anywhere else. Throughout my months of volunteering, I have had the chance to meet like-minded people, share my learning experiences with them, and enjoy listening to their stories and life lessons. As a Moroccan, I gradually began to understand various aspects of American culture and what it really means to be an American citizen.

Additionally, I have gained an accurate understanding of some crucial concepts that were a little bit ambiguous to me, such as: cross-cultural communication and coexistence, which definitely helped me discover the best inner version of myself that I once thought it never existed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank CIEE staff, Madiha, Oumaima, and Haddou, for their insights and advice, without forgetting all the other volunteers and buddies who help students along their adventures in Morocco and give a good image about our country. Doubtless, this experience has contributed immensely in making me a much better person, all I can say is that I’m happy to be part of CIEE Family.

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