Must Try Restaurants in Madrid, Rome, and Copenhagen

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Hlina W.

Hlina W.

Going abroad with CIEE open campus meant that I was able to travel to different cities and try a bunch of restaurants and cafes!! Almost all of the food I had in Europe was delicious, but there are some restaurants that deserve honrable mentions:

In Madrid my absolute favorite place to dine with my friends was a restaurant called Indian Aroma; not only was the food to die for but the service was excellent as well. My friends and I became regulars and the staff had memorized our orders after the first two weeks! Their Tikka Masala and Cheese Naan were two of the best things I have ever had in my life and I am not exaggerating. I know you may feel the urge to only eat at authentic Spanish restuarants while in Madrid, but trust me when I tell you to try Indian Aroma; it will change your life for the better. 

In Rome there were so many delicious restaurants so it was very difficult for me to narrow it down to only two. I had visited Rome in 2019 and had the best Ravioli in Trastevere but I forgot the name of the restaurant. For the entire 6 weeks I was studying in Rome I was on a mission to find that very restaurant! In my last week, I was successful in finding the restaurant and it ironically was only a 7 minute walk from my dorm. The name of the restaurant is Ombre Rosse; the decor of the restaurant was so beautiful, there were two floors and it was an indoor-outdoor set up. I ordered the Cacio e Pepe (my go-to meal in Rome) and it was exquisite. My friend ended up ordering the ravioli and it was just as good as I remember. The other restaurant in Rome (actually in Trastevere as well) that deserves an honorable mention is Pico's. I never thought that my favorite Mexican restaurant would end up being in Rome. I was a loyal customer to Pico's, I had it a few times each week. The quesadilla, burrito, and nachos were all mouthwatering, I still dream of Pico's every night.

Copenhagen is home to the 'World's Best Restaurant,' a restaurant called Noma. Needless to say, the restaurants in Copenhagen were all up to par. My favorite place to eat in Copenhagen was at the street food market called Reffen. There were so many different types of food stands from Danish, to Greek, to Italian, to Mexican, to Nepalese, and everything in between! Not to mention, it is located right next to the water. My friends and I would always go right when the sun was about to set and we always saw the most spectacular views while eating yummy food!!!


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