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If you want an authentic taste of what a career in international media entails, make Seville your beat for a study abroad semester.

Twice a year, students in the Communications, New Media, and Journalism - Spanish program produce a slew of multi-media content for más+menos - a bilingual print magazine and website featuring articles, photography, videos, and podcasts. The content on both platforms is written and produced entirely by CIEE students taking Magazine Reporting and Writing, and/or Digital Video Reporting in Context.

más+menos (which translates to “more and less”) gives audiences an insider view of people, social action, arts, community, sports, news, and travel. Each new issue is the result of student-led, in-depth interviews with local artists, professionals, educators, politicians, and others making más+menos a truly community-based educational project.

The platforms offer writers, photographers, videographers, and podcasters the chance to gain real-world experience in their craft and compile self-published samples for their portfolio. According to journalism student Paola C. from University of Colorado Boulder, “Stories help us understand others and minimize conflict. I want to help reduce misunderstandings between cultures, races, nationalities, etc. by sharing the experiences of others. The magazine we do in the Communication, New Media and Journalism program in Seville, for me, is the embodiment of the elimination of misunderstandings.”

The 31st issue of más+menos features the work of students from the spring ’19 semester and is themed, “Local Heroes.” Each feature gives readers an inside look at marginalized members of society: the homeless, sex workers, immigrants, and others. Also featured are videos featuring local businesses, unique Sevillian traditions, survivors of gender violence, the role of women in bands, swing dancing, and more.