Mother Earth

Authored by:
Nicole L.

Today is Earth day!

    I’ve been so blessed to have experienced some of the most magical gifts Mother Nature has to offer.  How lucky am I to have been able to explore some of the hidden gems of this planet, all with the best of company? From scouting constellations and stars in the Sahara, so close I felt like I could reach out and keep them all in the palm of my hand, to feeling the sand and salt of the Mediterranean beneath my feet, to soaking in all the love and warmth radiating from the African sun; this life I have the privilege of living is completely and utterly enchanting!

But the greatest gift Mother Earth has given us, is showing us how to be present.  ًWitnessing such pure, raw beauty, it’s hard to take it all in and remember that this is real life; but there are no other places to be, no other feelings, no other moment than now.  Control is an illusion, and all that is left is the present. I believe that this is how Mother Nature intended us to receive her gifts. Not to show us her immense power, but to reveal to ourselves our own.  By letting go of this innate tendency to control every last thing, we open our eyes to all that we already possess and learn to embrace the unanticipated detours we are led down. The greatest power you can possess is loving the life you live.  We all have our own battles, but the mark of a true winner is the one who does not let theirs disturb their capacity to love and be loved.

In these next 24 hours, we celebrate our planet and all the fruits that she has bore.  But as children of the Earth yesterday, today, and everyday, we have an obligation that extends so much further than a single day.  Mother Earth has sustained us, protected us, and grounded us for billions of years; the least we can do is return the favor. May we always celebrate the seas, rejoice in the sunlight, and remain in awe of the stars!

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