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John G.

Wearing Hanbok is one of the most important things on my bucket list. I have always been dreaming about wearing a Hanbok and walking in the traditional Korean palace. 

YECCO planned to take us for a Gyeongbokgung tour but the weather was not ideal for wearing Hanbok. However, we went on a hanbok trip to the Bukchon Hanok Village, a Korean traditional village in Seoul with a long history located on the top of a hill between Gyeongbok Palace. The village has so many well-decorated alleys, walking in the village in a Hanok, I felt like a local who lives here. There is a highlight spot where I can see the whole village but also the city on the uphills. We went to the top of the hill and took hundreds of pictures there. Without help from YECCO members, I would never find such an aesthetic spot for pictures. 

I was more than excited for this Hanbok experience and been preparing so much for it, I dyed my hair and got a haircut on the day before. It was the rainy season but the rain stopped exactly on the afternoon on the day and we got so many pictures. I would love to try Hanboks in different styles and colors next time.

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