A moment with the host family in Rennes, France

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Studying abroad is an experience that extends far beyond language acquisition. It provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in a foreign culture local cuisine, and engage with the daily lives of the locals. My time in Rennes, France, allowed me to have a lot of new experiences, and I cherished every moment of it.

Living with a host family especially allows me to experience French life. Through shared meals, I not only tasted the flavors of the region but also learned about the French education system and the Breton culture. I think these informal conversations over a table provided me insights that no classroom could provide. What truly made this time with a host family exceptional was the opportunity to participate in everyday family activities. From movie nights with neighbors to visiting a medieval castle adorned with spooky Halloween decorations, I felt like I was able to join a part of their lives. These shared moments transcended the boundaries of language and developed more appreciation of French culture and community in me.

One of the activities which my host family often does is going out to eat galettes saucisse, which is one of the famous street foods here in Bretagne. About once a month, there is a soccer match at Rennes Stadium, and a lot of food stands open in front of the stadium. One day, there was a soccer match, Rennes vs PSG. My host family invited me to go there to have galettes saucisses, and I joined them. The fans dressed in red and black were heading to the stadium, and the smell of sizzling sausages filled the air from the food stands outside the stadium. We bought and ate galettes saucisses for the first time. The fresh galettes saucisses tasted really delicious, but more than the great flavors of them, it was the intangible value of that moment that left an unforgettable memory on me. It was a snapshot of trivial but real life in Rennes, an experience that money cannot buy.

Living with a host family does not just mean sharing the house and meals. It enables me to experience their real life and provides me with a lot of learning opportunities in the region. Exploring a foreign country for education is a rich and diverse experience that involves developing language skills, immersing in different cultures, and fostering personal development. My time with the host family in Rennes not only enhanced my language skills but also fostered a deep appreciation for the rich diversity of our world. 


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