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Milan is the second-largest city in Italy after Rome. Located in Northern Italy, in the Lombardy region, Milan occupies a leading role due to its advanced industry and infrastructure. In fact, Milan is renowned as the capital of Italian fashion and design, home to some of the most illustrious luxury brands in clothing and automobiles. It is also the heart of the financial hub of Italy, hosting the National Stock Exchange, Piazza Affari. Furthermore, the city displays its fair share of artistic and architectural national heritage, namely with the Cathedral (Duomo), Sforza Castle and Brera Art Gallery and the masterpieces of world-famous artists, like Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.


The “Monumental Cemetery” is an extraordinary outdoor museum. Just observing it from the outside, it strikes you for its grand dimensions, a space of 250 thousand metres squared, a sort of grand oasis of peace, silence, and tranquility, filled with inscriptions that invite you to remember those who have gone before, rich with information and accompanied by interesting artistic detail. From an architectural perspective, you can catch a glimpse of both Romanic and Gothic traces. Be sure to check out the Famedio (Memorial Chapel), a voluminous construction made of bricks and marble in Neo-medieval style.
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