Midnight Palace Tour

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Cynthia Z.

Cynthia Z.

During the month of March, CIEE students and I went on a Midnight Palace Tour. The tour took place at Deoksu Palace around 7:00 P.M. The tour started with an introduction and history of the palace and the people who would reside in each area of the palace. After learning about whom would reside in the palace we walked around and took group pictures.

After that, we were given time to ask questions about the palace and it’s history. The tour guide was helpful, as I learned several facts about the construction of the palace and the symbolism behind some aspects of the palace. One of the facts that stood out to me was that each color of the palace represented a different natural element, such as water or fire. I also learned that the animal shaped statues on the roofs of palace had been placed there in order to protect the people who lived in the palace. I enjoyed walking around the palace as we were able to learn about the structure of the palace and enjoy the scenery under the moonlight.

We were able to also learn about how the people who had lived in the palace lived their daily lives. We walked along an area where the people who had lived in the palace would enjoy their coffee and tea and another area where they would study and learn about policies. Each area of the palace served its own purpose and the distance between people’s rooms also showed the organization within the palace

The Moonlight Palace Tour was an unforgettable experience as I was able to meet new students, create new memories, and immerse myself in Korean culture!

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