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Alfonso Q.

Alfonso Q.

Week 3


 Week Three:

Week three was pretty eventful! There were new activities both at the company I'm interning at and also extra-curriculars with CIEE which pretty much kept me buzzin' all week!


First, at work we recieved our new projects to work on, which I thought were pretty useful for getting more hands-on experience. Basically, we're doing a lot of marketing for events that we were in charge of organizing. I found this assignment to be particularly interesting because before this, I had never done marketing work outside of the United States, so for me it was cool to see a bit of how businesses do it in other countries. It was definitely a process to realize that while some business concepts are the same, culture plays a huge role in how business is carried out!


Outside of work, this week was Fourth of July for my friends on the other side of the pond, and I'm not gonna lie I did wish for a moment I could be in the States enjoying a hamburger and some fireworks but oh well, there'll be chances for that again later. During the weekend on Saturday, we had the chance to go visit a small water town called Zhujiajiao. It was on the outskirts of Shanghai, about an hour bus ride a way, and I was quite surprised  how much the scenery could change in such little time. In sharp contrast to the endless skyscrapers in Shanghai, Zhujiajiao ancient town is a small town built into the water, there's small boats and it's even known as "The Venice of China". It was a nice quick daytrip, I tried some new foods, and took a a boat ride around the town. Afterwards, I went back home for a few hours to rest because it was a bit warm during the city walk. Later at night, I met up with some instagrammers at Jing An Temple. Another thing about Shanghai, is that there's alot of photographers here. We walked around the temple for a few minutes when we noticed someone sitting not far from us who was lauching a drone, so we went over to say hi. It's always nice to meet other people who share similar interest as you. We ended up just going through various spots around the city, taking pictures with our drones and cameras. Up until now, I hadn't really gone out to on a city walk to take pictures, so it was definitely nice to just explore the city and meet other photographers. Overall, there were some great views, and it was a great way to end the week for me.



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