Liberty/Diaspora Exhibit

Authored by:
Jessika R.

Jessika R.

Week 4 / 6

This exhibit was one of the best art exhibits that I have seen. Not only for its uniqueness, but also for the power that the artist gives to the Black community. Omar Victor Diop created these works in order to show respect for the global politics of black resistance. These pieces really spoke to me and was a joy to experience. However, the part that I truly loved the most was that the artist created a room where you could sit down and read not only who each person he was representing within his art was, but also a short summary of their relevance to resisting discrimination and oppression throughout time and cultures. I also enjoyed walking upstairs and seeing another exhibit that showed pictures of women wearing different head dresses and sacred scarves that had religious or cultural relevance for them. To see these women show themselves unforgivingly was so inspirational and educated me better on the different head dresses that can be worn and their meaning and how wearing them make the women feel. These exhibits really showed how various cultures and history of these cultures are very undermined when it comes to learning about the history or experiences of those who are not a part of the majority. I have such a greater appreciation for not only my people’s history and experiences, but also for those who are not popular in our media or commonly talked about.

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