Level 2 (Upgrade)

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Tamika M.

Level one is always the easiest level is it not? It is mainly just tutorials, some of which that will not let you proceed unless completed properly. Seriously, if your character gets killed off in level one (and somehow manages to die in a tutorial), you are a legend. Level 2 might be where things start to get tricky, though.

Level 2 will likely have some more tutorials, these tutorials are for using those new special attack, defense, and/or healing moves that you gained. Maybe you even get to try out new chainmail (armor) and/or receive excalibur (weapon—mythical sword) if you are lucky. But you can not blast away enemies without learning how to use your new moves and/or weaponry/armour. That is why CIEE orientation is a must for those not well versed on Korea.

I will not lie, other than going to 영주 (Yeongju) I did not enjoy orientation. It was too long for me since I heavily researched before coming. I intentionally did not make friends since I wanted to keep the amount of foreigners I hung out with at zero to two people while here. I was not lonely because of this, as I am very goal-oriented (and now only have Korean friends and one Japanese friend). Since my major is History, I had the opportunity to write/do research projects on a plethora of topics. However, most people are not me and for that reason CIEE ORIENTATION IS THE PERFECT LENGTH!

The orientation trips are worth it too, so I will definitely go to 남원 (Namwon) next orientation. Besides, helping a new cohort might be a little fun before they start "Level 3."

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