Level 1 Boss Fight

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Tamika M.

So you have made it to Korea, you are already making friends with the CIEE study abroad group, and CIEE is arranging for a bus to take those who arrived before 19:45 (7:45PM) to the dorm (or elsewhere). So what is next? Checkin? Roommates? Well about that, here is the thing, I can answer none of those questions. Time for admittance, when I took the bus from Incheon to Seoul, I CIEE had me stay at the Center Mark Hotel.

The reason was that I chose to stay with a host family (and fortunately suceeded). That means I know nothing about dorm life. All I can say is no matter what CIEE will put you in SK Global and that regardless if you want a host family or not, you have to sign up for SK Global. If you do not get your TB test in time, you will also have to stay in the hotel. For those who want to know more about arrival info regarding host families and hotel stuff read on! If not, feel free to read anyway if you would like, or see you in the next blog!

Onto big buisness. When homestay students arrive at the necessary checkin location in Incheon International Airport, it is imperative that they see a CIEE staff member right away. Instead of leaving at 19:45 homestay student will go straight to the hotel alone (can neither confirm of deny hotel will change or stay the same). One of the staff members will buy you a ticket and you have to wait for the bus. The ride is about an hour and you will have a map to help you navigate. After you checkin, say hello to your roommate if they are already there (I arrived first). Relax and try not to go out, just rest.

In the morning, eat breakfast, checkout, and leave your luggage in the luggage keep. Together with the other homestay and/or unable to checkin to SK Global students you will go to CIEE orientation. That night you will meet your host family who will take you home and teach you how to get to Yonsei the next day.

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