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Tamika M.

Hallelujah! You are finally in South Korea! It was quite a long flight was it not? If you are like me and you come from the east coast, I am sure you feel tired. Enough of this small talk though, I bet you are probably thinking, now wait, what do I do? How do I navigate the airport? I CANNOT READ OR SPEAK KOREAN! Fret not, you will be fine! Everything is easier than you think so let me make this post short and quick.

When you arrive you will enter at either terminal 1 or 2 of Incheon International Airport. I arrived at terminal one where the meetup spot at the time was Twosome Cafe (make sure you read arrival details clearly for where and when the group should meet in both terminals), for terminal 2 it was a Starbucks. Before you make your way there you will see a plethora or line belts to keep lines in order. Go to the lines on your left unless you have Korean citizenship. You will have your fingerprints taken and be asked some questions (they will likely speak English) and if your passport and visa look good you will be free to go. If you do not have a visa upon entry, you will be asked more questions, so please prepare and be clear and concise with your answers.

Once you are done with that, next you have to go to the baggage claim. There are luggage carts if you are like me and you brought 3 suitcases (that I am physically to weak and small to handle on my own), a backpack, and handbag (Thank God Delta checked my carryon suitcase for free!). Be wary though, for people who have been to Korea before, you may not be aware of this newer thing where you have to go through a scanner when trying to leave the baggage area, I met a person who had been within the last year upon arrival and she was confused. You and your luggage will be scanned before you can officially enter Korea (even Koreans go through this). It is quick and painless, however.

That is it! You made it through the airport! Now was that very hard? Go on and meet your group at Twosome Cafe or Starbucks (unless of course CIEE changes the locations that is). 

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