A Lesson from Traveling

Authored by:
Rumi Y.

My mentors have told me that journaling is an essential piece of my educational journey. It is when I travel that I feel this is the most true.

I have passed the halfway point of my time in Europe with CIEE and whether it’s eating a pastry in Paris or walking past World War II monuments in Berlin, reflecting in my journal has helped me grow.

Journaling is somewhat different than blogging. This is my first foray into any internet-based media platform and I feel that my thoughts here need to be catalogued and precise. In a journal, I can be candid and whimsical.

A journal is a partner of sorts, able to remember things I cannot. I can scribble ingredients I have tasted, smells and sights I have experienced, and notes on ideas and concepts I have learned. On another page, I can put my thoughts and memories into writing and explore my feelings. An added benefit is that I do not need to rely on battery power or LTE connectivity to update my journal – a pen is all I need.

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