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This fall, ciee decided to try something new and refreshing on our community engagement activity. We spent the Saturday with the amazing Botswana Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( BSPCA) located in Broadhurst, a 15 minutes drive from the university of Botswana. Since 1987 the BSPCA has been working in and around Gaborone to help improve the lives of animals and to help people provide better care for their pets. This is a center devoted to providing care for animals by providing shelter and food for homeless animals, unwanted, neglected, stray and abused dogs and cats with the aim of finding them good homes. They currently house and care for over 130 dogs and 60 cats, as well as the two cattle, donkey or goat.


As the centre of operations for the BSPCA, the Shelter is always in need of your assistance to continue and advance these levels of protection and care for the animals.

ciee staff and students

This was no ordinary day for all for us, for some, it was the perfect opportunity to love, nurture and play with animals while others like me, had to challenge themselves and face their fears, dogs! The day started with a tour around the place and a summary of the various services that (BSPCA) offers like vaccination, grooming and feeding just to name a few. Following this, was a visit to the “kitten nursery” where we learned about properly taking care of baby cats.

Heeey kitty kitty


We then broke into pairs as we prepared ourselves to give the dogs a little exercise. This was an easy and fun task especially with the snacks on our hands. We took walks and young jogs, played catch and even taught some dogs to sit. We witnessed a new entry to the BSPCA family, a pitbull whose owner was relocating and had no one to take care of it.

Challenges faced

Fear of dogs was the most common, some can handle their fear of dogs some cant, our resident director Base, faced her fears face on, by taking  the opportunity to walk the dogs while Lebo was focusing on getting through her trauma of dogs. There was this particular hyper active dog that wouldn’t even give one of our volunteers, Eunice, the opportunity to walk it but rather wanted to be in charge.

Lebo walking with her newly made bestfriend!

Base and Paige walking the dog

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch and we helped to feed the dogs which by the way were very eager to eat! They have a standard feeding time at 12pm. While other people were busy feeding dogs, others hung out with different animals like cows, rabbits and the very lovely Peggy the goat!

We ended the day on a positive note as we donated food for dogs and cats. The center was very thankful for this kind gesture.

ciee staff and students presenting donations


Past Donors

Mowana Park Market

Every second Saturday of the month BSPCA will have a stall at Mowana Park. Books and second hand goods, and sells it to the public.

Bush and Bull Farmer´s Market

Every last Saturday of the month, 10 am to 2 pm. Come and meet our adorable pups and dogs. The famous BSPCA book stall will also be there.

One of the local business Kenzo Enterprises donated 28 boxes of Whiskas for cats in one of the events for BSPCA.

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