Leaving Copenhagen, leaving CIEE

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Rumi Y.

Last Thursday was the last day of classes, with many of my fellow classmates leaving on Friday and others leaving throughout the weekend. I said goodbye to friends that were with me for all three blocks - from Paris to Berlin to Copenhagen. I also parted with other CIEE locations that I had the joy of meeting in Denmark. I will miss them all.

I opted to continue my travels before returning home. Currently I'm in Turkey and it hasn’t quite hit me yet that my time in the program has come to an end. It feels like I’m on just another weekend trip and I will soon return to the familiar faces in Copenhagen. 

But this trip is different. After this, I will fly back to Hawaii. I am already feeling wistful for my time in Europe, but I am excited to return home with the knowledge that I have gained abroad. The countless memories with friends from around the world and global lessons from each country have changed my life and will leave a lasting mark on my heart. 

I’ll be writing my last entry when I return home! I’ll let you all know how the transition goes!

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