Learning Tropical Ecology in the best classroom (Part 2 - Visit to Paradise)

Authored by:
Dr. Alan Masters

Dr. Alan Masters

After visiting the Sierpe Mangroves we move to our next destination, Corcovado National Park. After a 1 hour boat ride along the Pacific Coast we arrive to the place that was our destination for the next 6 nights, as soon as we got out of the boats we knew we were just arriving to paradise, staying right in front of the beach, with a wonderful forest right behind us, we knew the next few days in the wonderful wet forest of Costa Rica was gonna bring us many amazing species to discover and lots of knew things to learn about Tropical Ecology.

Hikes around the magnificent forest of Corcovado, night hikes, bird watching and many other different activities show us the wide arrange of species found on this area and the importance of conserving tropical forest.  

Just after a few hours of arriving to Corcovado we hear a staff member calling the whole group to come and check something, we ran a few meters to check what was happening just to discover that someone has just found a Baird's Tapir (Tapirus bairdii), the largest terrestrial animal of the Neotropics. 

Baird's Tapir (Tapirus bairdii) feeding at Corcovado. 

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