Last Minute Things to Do Around Seoul!

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Taylor W.

As the school year came to an end, I found myself with some free time before heading back to the states. I decided to spend my last week checking off things on my bucket list! Since it was the last week, I was very busy, but these activities gave me enough time to come home at night and see friends while also exploring the day outside of Sinchon area (where Yonsei is located). For those wondering what to do or some fun adventures to go on after finals week, this blog post is for you! 

Seeing Coex Starfield Mall:

I love going to the mall, but not for shopping! I would suggest going there at least twice when you are in Seoul, once during the beginning of the semester and once at the end. The most stunning feature has to be the library. This library is full of ceiling bookshelves, beautiful lights, and the centerpiece which changes during the seasons. Another plus is grabbing a bite to eat at the restaurants located in the mall. There are a lot of fusion foods and different cuisines to choose from. While you are in the area, you could also walk around outside and see not only SM Town but also Psy's Gangnam Statue! It is always worth the walk, even if you are not a huge K-pop fan.

Going to a Korean Spa:

One of my favorite activities was heading to a Korean Spa. There are many different options, but I chose to go to Dragon Hill Spa, which is one of the most famous spas. There are so many different options to use the saunas, ice room, sauna rooms filled with essential oils, as well as, many different heated spas, and even an outdoor pool. They also have some fun arcade games and some meal options so you can eat while there. My favorite part was going to the outdoor spa filled with essential oils. It was so relaxing and after the long finals week that I had, it was the perfect start to my week filled with adventures.

Exploring Nami Island:

I was lucky enough to head back to Gapyeong and see Nami Island. This is a great day trip out of Seoul and is perfect for seeing nature. I would suggest not going when it is rainy weather because the roads there are all dirt. There is a famous drama from the '90s that made this island so popular but even without knowing the drama it is a great place to see beautiful nature. I cannot stress how beautiful the small island is. I would suggest riding a bike around it and exploring it long enough to see it at dusk as well. Also, don't forget your cameras because you can take the photo of a lifetime.

Lotte World:

Being the rollercoaster-lover that I am, I had to check out Lotte World. I would suggest going in the morning and on weekdays to avoid the crowds. Also, run to the ride you want to go on first and wait it out. The lines will only get longer and longer throughout the day. I went on Atlantis first, which is an outdoor rollercoaster and one of the most famous rides there. It was a great ride that was both inside and out and perfect to satisfy thrill-seekers! Another ride I would suggest is French Revolution, which I never got the chance to ride due to the hour and a half wait. For those who aren't as thrilled with rollercoasters, don't worry! There is plenty of other fun activities as well as a photoshoot area that would be perfect for you! It is just such a unique theme park with half of it being indoors and half being outside. Also, if you are foreign, order the tickets online (I used Klook) for a cheaper entrance and to skip the line.


There are too many things to see in Seoul before leaving and even after staying there for an academic year, I have yet to cross off all the activities from my bucket list. I guess that just means I will have to come back to fulfill my bucket list!