Last Days in Shanghai

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Alfonso Q.

Alfonso Q.

Week 7


Beginning of the End

Hey y'all I'm back with one of my last updates as the program begins to come to a close! This week it really hit me that I'll be packing my bags soon, and that I'll be back In San Diego shortly. I'm in that time period when friends in Shanghai start messaging me to hang out before I head back to the states, but also my San Diego friends & fam start messaging me as well to make plans for when I get back. And on top of that, I have my own plans for spots I wanna visit before I have to leave... the days go by so fast! But I think it's very important to spend time and solidify your friendships with people from afar. I've met alot of people here, and there's a few in particular that I plan to keep in touch with back in the states, which I'm happy about.

At this point, I'm trying to be more of a tourist before I go back. I think it's important to have a work/life balance between while you're out here doing these types of internships, it's the only way you can truly maximize your experience. With that being said, I'm also finishing up the last projects that our bosses assigned to us at work. Overall, I enjoyed working at this company. They challeged me to think in different ways, and gave me alot of different experiences that I think will be helpful in my future. I enoyed working next to all the startups, alongside so much entrepreneurial spirit. Apart from that, working in Shanghai, the daily commute, seeing millions of people rushing to work every morning at 8am, and the endless skyscrapers, all these things put me in a real "time to grind" mood. When I get back to SD, I still have almost two months of summer vacation ready, but I'm eager to get back to work and fully focus on a few business projects I want to do before classes start in September. What's best is that part of what my internship company does is directly applicable to my personal projects. I'm alot more confident now that I'll be able to increase my chances of a successful store/product launch!

My experience overall has been interesting. I'm still not quite sure how different it was from expectations, I think it'd help to look back again in restrospect once everything is done and I'm back in Cali, but for now I'll leave it at that. And well, the next time y'all see a post from me, I'll be back in SandyEggo, so it may be a while, but as always feel free to send your questions via instagram and many thanks to those who've been following my blog!


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