Last Days in Seoul: A Small Glimpse of what's going on in my mind.

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Kyla D.

It is a completely understatement to say that I am not ready to leave Korea. As a rising senior who is preparing for two thesis, fellowships, grad-school, internships and employment, there are a lot of things going in my mind. I am very stressed to go back home, and South Korea was the perfect break I needed to relax after a similarly stressful junior year. 

Currently at the forefront of my mind, I am thinking about all my experiences in South Korea. I think overall, I have to be honest South Korea wasn't a completely mind-blowing experience that I've never had before. In fact, I feel very accommodated by South Korea, a and I wouldn't have any other way. My entire semester has been a great combination of enjoying a easier but still rigerious academic schedule, having fun with my friends, and preparing for this summer.  

Really the essence of South Korea, was a change of pace--different yet famillar. I've also been able to undertake more creative projects while I've been here, I've also been able to participate more politically while I'm here as well, all which have been extremely productive for me. 

I think the best thing that I've enjoyed here have been friends that I've made along the way. While I've only known them for fourth months, I've been pushed to be a slightly different person, especially when it comes to addressing things that I could do better. I'm really going to miss South Korea, and I plan to be back. Hopefully I can come for a summer either for work for study, and maybe I could also do grad school. I'm not sure what the future holds yet, but I'm excited to see where it goes.