The last days at Corcovado: Hike to Llorona and Visit to Isla del Caño

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Dr. Alan Masters

Dr. Alan Masters

Corcovado has been an amazing place to be, after spending a few days learning about the species of plants and animals found in this Wet Forest it was time for us to do a hike to Llorona beach; the reason to do this 10 km hike (one way) is to explore probably the most amazing forest you can find in Costa Rica, to get to our destination we have to hike through a pristine patch of forest, here the students do the hike at their own pace and feel and experience this old growth forest on their own particular way.

During the hike we got to see an amazing forest with really tall trees, monkeys, many species of birds, lizards, frogs, insects, fungi and lots of other interesting wildlife.

We got to see an amazing sunset as we were getting close to our hostel on the way back, this was probably the best way to end an incredible day in the Tropical Wet Forest.

After a wonderful day exploring a primary wet forest in Costa Rica it was time to visit Isla del Caño, this island is located 17 km away from the shore. We visited Isla del Caño to lear about island biogeography, explore the forest there and compare it with the forest we had hike the day before and also to have our first experience snorkeling in Costa Rica. Another amazing day on which we got to see many species of marine wildlife: lobster, stingray, shark, sea turtles, and many species of fish were spotted during the time we were exploring the water around the island.

It has been an amazing journey in Corcovado, but our time here its done and it is time now to go and explore other areas of this tropical paradise.

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