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Seville is welcoming its Spring!

After the Holy Week came to its end, the city is finishing its preparations to celebrate the worldwide known Feria de Abril. On their part, our LS students retook their routine and their contact with clases.

During the past three months, CIEE LS students enjoyed great cultural and academic experiences which will help them to grow personally and professionally in the future.


So far, everything has gone smoothly and sweet as the students seemed to adjust well, and they are having a positive and productive semester. Students are happy with their classes´ selections and completed their midterm exams stage. They continue working to prepare for their future final challenges.

Besides, Language and Society continues to offer support with “tutorials” (through the “Centro de Recursos Lingüísticos”) for students who need extra help with the language or content courses.

Among other out-of-class activities, students visited the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla (bullfighting Ring in Seville) and its Museum. Students learnt about history, practice and evolution of the tauromaquia in Spain. Later, as a task, they had to interview some locals in order to know their thoughts about the “Fiesta Nacional”. The results will help them to write an argumentative paper about the national topic. They went to watch the Spanish film Perfectos desconocidos by Alex de la Iglesia. In class they have been talking about cinema, and with this activity students learned more about contemporary Spanish language and culture. The group had a good time, spending time together outside of the classroom, and they had to write a composition on their experience, and an analysis of the fil


In February, students interacted in groups and discussed two different topics: college life in the US versus Spain and some of the world’s most common mysteries. The practiced their oral skills in the target language while exploring cultural differences and sharing personal experiences. 

In March, we carried out the last session of our linguistic and cultural seminar English- Spanish. The session took place at the CIEE Seville Study Center's roof top where our students practiced their target language while enjoying some snacks. They discussed current topics such as machismo and cultural differences in non-verbal communication. They also had the opportunity to discuss social norms in their home countries. The event was bilingual, and the main objectives of this last activity was to continue practicing their target languages outside of the classroom and to reinforce the relationship with the Spanish students that started on the first session of the Workshop back in February. All students reported to have enjoyed the activity and the interaction with Sevillanos in a different, more relaxing environment.


Mid-semester Individual interviews helped them to review their goals for this experience in Spain too, so CIEE could support them individually to guess how they can reach their desired targets. After some time for adaptation, program seems to overcome their expectations. In their personal midterm interviews they admit that they are happy, comfortable and integrated in the program.  

Morocco overnight trip. All our 7 LS students travelled to the North of Africa together with the BS program (69 students altogether). Trip ran smooth and students spent a great time together. Most valued activities like the intercambio afternoon with Moroccan students who practiced language with our students and provided a close perspective of their culture, as well as the craft workshop and the cultural visitThe group visited the small town of Chauen, and the two big cities of Tetuan and Tangier in the North of the country. Among their activities, students visited one local university where they could have a really interesting intercambio with Moroccan students in Tetuan. They discussed about cultural and academic similarities and differences between Morocco and Spain.

Moreover, Ciee LS students had the opportunity to join other Ciee students and some Spaniards to enjoy different local activities such as visits to historical monuments like the Cathedral or the Alcázar, Plaza de España and el Parque de Maria Luisa, Medieval Castles or Italica Ruins, and neighborhoods like Triana, Arenal or the Jewish part of Santa Cruz, historic buildings like the Pilatos House, nearby cities like Aracena, Jerez de la Frontera and its bodegas, Córdoba, Ronda, Carmona and hiking in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla or Sierra de Huelva. They could also visit some museums like Bellas Artes and participate in some thematic workshops like: graffiti, mud and wine, cooking tapas, religions, LGTB, wine, olive oil or craft beer tasting, sevillanas and flamenco, sports like kayak or gymkhana, and finally tours like: convents, Sevilla Low Cost, Opera, bikes tour and Cinema in Sevilla.

More is coming after Feria to guide our students to enjoy and close a successful experience abroad.

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