La Fageda d'en Jordà: Dairy farm, Forest, and Croscat volcano

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Patricia B.

On Saturday I took a trip with my study abroad program!

I woke up bright and early to join my fellow classmates for a trip to La Fageda. La Fageda is a dairy farm and yogurt and jam factory that helps the community and those with mental disabilities through programs on the farm. Once we got there we took a tour of the farm, first seeing the cows. I love animals and I loved being able to spend some time with them again. Unfortunately my host family doesn’t have any animals and I miss my kitties back home dearly.

Next we saw the the factory where they produced their famous yogurts, ice creams, milks, etc. Finally, our guide brought us to a room to see a video about the farm and to test some jam, milk, ice cream and yogurt. Everything was really great! Especially the ice cream! I ended up buying some jam for my host mom.

Next we traveled to La Fageda d’en Jordà, a beech tree forest that grew from the lava of the nearby Croscat volcano. We took a walk through the beautiful forest. There was lots of natural light and it felt very refreshing to be in the forest, to walk and talk with my classmates. Living in a city is wonderful, but it’s important to go out into nature and enjoy the beauty. We also saw some horses! After our walk, we sat and enjoyed some lunch before traveling to our final destination.

After lunch we boarded the bus for our final destination: the Croscat volcano. We made a short walk uphill to the volcano. It is not an active volcano. We were able to see the effect of eruptions to the rock and surrounding area. Our tour guide explained the area and the historical events of the volcano. We had an amazing view of the area!

I returned to Barcelona refreshed from the natural beauty of Spain, tiredly satisfied from the long day in nature.


Written by Amanda Duvall


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