Korean Self Photo Studio

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Casey C.

Dear Friends!

Recently Soyeon—my Seoulmate—and I went to a self photo studio and took some photos! 

I've heard a lot about these studios and I know many famous idols and actors have been to these studios so I wanted to try it out! Soyeon and I headed to Gangnam to visit a place called Photoism (though Photoism is almost everywhere). When we entered, we told the front desk lady our reservation name and she guided us to the room where we would take our photos!

We had 10 minutes to take as many photos as we wanted. The first 5 minutes was when the camera was landscape and the last 5 minutes, a lady came in and flipped the camera to portrait mode. Though 10 minutes is quite fast, it's kinda exhilirating and fun to just snap so many photos so quickly! They give you a clicker to take the photos as well as a big clock to show how much time you have. On the side, there is a big computer screen that shows each photo after you take them so you can check to see if you like them. 

Once the time was up, we were guided outside to a computer where we could scroll through them! We were able to pick 2 photos for the studio to print out for us! If we wanted the digital copies of all the photos, it was an extra 10,000 won more but it definitely was worth it because the photos I took with Soyeon were so cute! I definitely want to go back to one with my roommate and best friends before leaving Korea. You guys should try it out too!

Talk soon,


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