The Korean Clubbing Culture I Have Experienced

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Nicolas H.

The clubbing culture in Korea is.. interesting. I have met many people who have never gone because of a negative connotation or just a lack of interest. Another reason is that they had no one who wanted to go with them to experience it for the first time. I have also met many people who go clubbing and do so regularly during the weekends. What I have noticed is that clubbing is a very social event where you can meet many different kinds of people, both local and foreign. Once you start going, you notice familiar faces and see the same people in the same areas and can create friends through these interactions. There are many opportunities to meet people from all over. But I've also gone clubbing before and met people who have never been, so there are opportunities to meet every type of person. Some clubs are more foreigner heavy and some clubs don't even let foreigners in. Hongdae, a VERY popular clubbing area that's only around 15 minutes from the campus dorm, is where I have seen many of the students go. I’ve met people from all over the world in Hongdae and some of these people are good friends of mine now.

In my opinion, after hearing many views about clubbing and experiencing it myself, It's not for everyone. The music is too loud, some of the people are very touchy, and there's always a danger of getting stuff stolen, or having your drink tampered with which is scary. But I also understand the appeal. Although there's always a danger, some of the people I have met are pretty cool, they go to have fun after a long week or see friends who work in the area. It's something I would say people should experience once, just to experience the city's vibrant nightlife to the fullest.