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Just take a Bus! A Short Guide to Sightseeing in Seoul on a Budget: 

I've mentioned this before on a previous blog post, but I love sightseeing! In my last month in South Korea, I'm a little strapped for time. If you're like me and you love taking walks and enjoying nature and greenery, there are so many places you can go with just a simple Bus, and explore Korea! Take a look at when I've done it: 


My solo-trip to Paju was extremely spontaneous. On a particular Monday (I normally don't have class on Monday), I had been resting. I suddenly had the urge to do some exploring and with a little help from Google, I decided to head to Paju which was only two hours away by bus. If you weren't aware Paju in Gyeonggi Province, is beautiful local most known to foreigners as where you can visit the DMZ between North and South Korea. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to visit the DMZ (or frankly know how), but luckily there are so many other things you can do at Paju! 

On my trip, I was able to go to Heyri Art Village, Gyeonggi Future Education Campus, and the Paju/Lotte Premium Outlet Malls.

Heryri Art Village is a village planned and by Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with the help of over 350 artists (including writers, painters, poets, sculpturists, filmmakers, architecture, who had moved to the village to help develop it. When you walk around you can see the variety of facilities such as galleries, museums, exhibit halls, concert halls, small theaters, cafes, restaurants, bookstores, guest houses, art shops, and creative living spaces for artists [Link to Wiki Article]. 

I haven't been able to find much information on Gyeonggi Future Education Campus, but it seems to be an english learning institute for the arts (as it is very close to the Heryi Art Village). When I visited, they were teaching classes and the campus almost felt like Disney Land as it had a shuttle track, and. The facility had mock exhibits like a mini Stonehenge and a colosseum.  

Lotte Premium Outlet Mall is the largest largest premium outlet in South Korea. I didn't end up staying there long, but its essentially a huge department stores with all your favories: H&M, Banana Republic, Prada etc. I made sure to get some Gong-Cha to accompany as I toured around the huge outlet. 


Pocheon was by far the most difficult place to traverse without a car as it is very remote. Luckily the local bus system came in clutch, and with my friends we were able to go to the Pocheon Art Valley. Essentially, Pocheon Art Valley is a quarry turned sight-seeing local. It's scale and beauty, attracted audiences from everwhere, so mnuch so that many Kdramas took the oppotunbity to film near the quarry's waters such as The Legend of the Blue Sea, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and A Korean Odyssey

We took a bus to get to the art valley, and subsequentally an 8,000 Won Taxi to head to the bottom of the hill where quarry. You can purchase tickets where which  were only about 3000 won. You can also purcahse a ticket for the mono-rail because hill getting up there is incredibly steep, which was only 4500 Won. 

When you purcahse the tickets, you cann some "Pocheon cash" where you can use it to get discounted drinks at the cafe. We had a great time, and spent about 1 hour and 20 minutes there taking photos! 


Gapyeong by far was my favorite trip to go to with my friends. Gapyeong is knowing for having many tourist locations such as Nami Island, the man-made island attraction filled with beautiful fall-follage, and activities like zip-linning and bungee jumping. Now this time we didnt' take a bus but a the local subway train, which was about 2700 Won. I took only about 3 hours, and to get around you can also pay for the local tour bus, which goes to all the famous locatins (it was 8000 won). 

We ended up going to the garden of warning calm (a giant garden filled with many amounts of flowers) and Jaraseom (another island where you can ride tandem bikes and fish).

I had a lot of fun traveling with my friends, and if you're looking for some places to go at Seoul, please make sure to put these place on your itinerary.