Juno Hair: A Story of an Unexpected Friendship

Authored by:
Aanandi M.

They say that the best experiences that happen to you happen completely by chance. For me one of my best experiences in Korea happened at a hair salon near Ewha Women’s University.


Looking to just get a quick haircut to celebrate entering Korea, I decided to go to Juno Hair because it was a well known chain. I had booked an appointment on the phone at the time using my broken Korean. 


A friend of mine had referred me to a stylist, Soo Hyun, because she had done a fantastic job cutting her hair before.  


At first, entering the salon, I was a bit nervous. At the time my Korean was not the best, but I had to communicate for myself as well as translate for my friend. However, Soo Hyun was extremely easy to talk to and good to get along with so we became fast friends. 


Through out my stay in Seoul, I continued to go back to Juno hair to either visit Soo Hyun or translate for my friends who could not speak Korean. 


Recently, I just had my last haircut and last visit at Juno Hair. Although it was a bittersweet goodbye, I assured Soo Hyun that I will be back in Korea someday and I will come back to see her. If this experience taught me anything, it’s that the most beautiful experiences happen in the most unexpected places. 

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