Jenae Tiki Matikke, Program Leader of 2023: "After serving as a PL, I would tell students to take this opportunity to grow, broaden their horizons, and meet amazing people from different walks of life!"

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CIEE Berlin

Jenae Tiki Matikke, is one of our previous Programs Leaders of the High School Summer Abroad program 2023. She is originally from Virginia Beach, but currently living in Tennessee. She worked in two sessions of the Global Entrepreneurship program this past summer, supporting our students and joinning them in their experience abroad, and our students LOVED her. Each session lasted 3 weeks, where students were able to learn and explore the processes and traits of successful entrepreneurs, developing their own business proposal. In addition, they were able to explore the city on different excursions such as visiting the East Side Gallery, taking a walking tour of the city center, the Reichstag building, a day trip to Potsdam, among others. Here Jenae tells us more!

1.-Could you tell us more about your experience as a Program Leader for Global 
Entrepreneurship sessions I and II? How would you describe this experience?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a Program Leader. Before arriving in Berlin, 
Germany, I was extremely excited about the opportunity and unsure about what type of 
experience I would have. This has been a fantastic experience! I have had incredible 
support from the CIEE staff, enabling me to support the students in my group even better. 

2.- What was the best moment/place/experience so far?

This is a tough question. One of my favorite places was Potsdam. Learning about the city 
and visiting some of its historically significant places was extremely interesting. The 
students thoroughly enjoyed getting to walk around and visiting the castles.

3.-What would you tell a student that is thinking on studying abroad, some advice?

I studied abroad in college, so I can relate to the mixed emotions of sheer excitement and 
contemplation about the unknown. After serving as a PL for two sessions, I would 
definitely tell students to take this opportunity to grow, broaden their horizons, and meet 
amazing people from different walks of life! For students who decide to study abroad, I 
encourage them to be flexible, take advantage of the opportunity by being present at the 
moment, and don't be afraid to ask questions. If you want to challenge yourself in a good 
way and grow as a person, consider studying abroad!

4.- How was your experience of living in Berlin? 
My days in Berlin were great! The CIEE Berlin Campus is conveniently located 
near the subway, bus stop, grocery stores, and restaurants. I enjoyed exploring the 
community and participating in the excursions!

5.-What brought you to this destination?
I am an entrepreneur, have a degree in Business, and years of experience working with 
students. After reviewing the PL position, I applied and was invited to serve at CIEE Berlin. 
I'm so glad I came here because it was a memorable experience!