Jeju, I Love You

Authored by:
Lauren H.

Lauren H.

For the past two weeks I have been living in Jeju. It was a nice get away from the fast pace life in Seoul.

After constantly doing some activity everyday for the last four months, I've started to feel burnt out. My life back in America is much more slow paced.

When planning to go to Jeju I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting. I looked up places and activities I wanted to do, but I didnt know what life was like here compared to life in Seoul. I was nervous that I would also be running all over the place like in Seoul, but it was much slower than I thought. 

I spent most of my time in Seogwipo enjoying the weather and nature around me. The public transit is more spread out and less frequent so you are given the choice to either wait for a bus that might never come or take a long walk. But walking wasn't bad. It allowed me to really take in what was around me. I also enjoyed the long bus rides along the coast or through the forest.

So far during my stay in Korea everyone has been incredibly kind, but the people in Jeju have warmed my heart. From the man who works at the front desk of my hotel who always asks if we need anything, to the guy who worked at the restaurant I went to twice and remembered who I was.

I love Jeju. It has been my favorite place I have traveled to so far. With the places I've enjoyed the most and beautiful scenery that reminds me of home. 

Jeju, I will be back.

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