An Interview With CIEE Student Reece Dolbin

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College Study Abroad

College Study Abroad

Reece Dolbin, a student studying abroad on CIEE's fall '18 Global Internship program in Santiago, Chile, was recently interviewed by CIEE staff about his semester abroad so far.

CIEE: What is your home university?

Reece: I am a currently a senior at Shippensburg University, a medium-sized college located in Pennsylvania. 

CIEE: What is your major?

Reece: I am a double major in history and international studies, with a minor in Spanish, and an area concentration in Latin America and the Caribbean.

CIEE: Where are you studying abroad? Are you studying in more than one location? 

Reece: I am currently studying abroad in Santiago, Chile. This is the only location that I will be studying in.

CIEE: So far, what has been your favorite excursion? 

Reece: So far, my favorite weekend excursion was to La Serena and Vicuña. We had the opportunity to gaze in awe at the Milky Way, ride bikes through the heart of Pisco country, and of course taste some of Chile’s best Pisco at a distillery. I usually stay in hostels when I travel, so it was a welcome experience when we checked into a luxury hotel for this excursion.    

CIEE: So far, what has been your favorite thing about studying abroad? 

Reece: If I had to choose one favorite thing, it would be the people I met. I think being abroad gives you the opportunity to encounter people you would have never met otherwise and form intense friendships that span the world. 

CIEE: So far, what is your favorite thing about studying abroad in the location you picked? 

Reece: The rich culture of Santiago! I live in a small town back home so it’s refreshing to spend time abroad in such a large city with famous landmarks, museums, cultural sites, nightlife, and lots of other stuff that are all easily accessible. 

CIEE: What is your advice to students considering studying abroad?

Reece: I’ll give the same advice that over 99% of study abroad alumni give, “Just do it!” Studying abroad is an incredible experience that will help you to grow as a person and learn more about yourself. You won’t regret it. 

CIEE: Anything else you’d like to add? Why CIEE? Did you receive any scholarships? 

Reece: I chose CIEE because of the Global Internship option and a generous grant that they offered at my university. Very few programs provide internship placements and support to their students like CIEE does. I am currently interning with a social entrepreneurship NGO whilst taking classes and earning credits towards my degree.

CIEE: So far, what is one lesson you learned or one experience you had that you could only get from studying abroad?

Reece: Through studying abroad I’ve learned the importance of experiencing new places, people, and cultures. Far too often people get stuck in a comfortable little “bubble,” avoiding experiences or making excuses to not go outside of their comfort zone. By getting outside of that “bubble” you learn a lot about yourself and gain a new perspective on the things that truly matter to you. 

CIEE: Why did you choose to study abroad in the fall?

Reece: I chose to study abroad during the fall because it’s my last semester before graduation! Having studied abroad before I was fully aware of how incredible an experience it is and I knew that I wanted to spend my last semester in Santiago.  

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