Internship reflection by Jack Ginsberg

Authored by:
Oumaima Farik


            The first few weeks working at Fondation Orient Occident have been very interesting,


and while there have been a few minor hiccups, the overall experience has been overwhelmingly


positive. When I first began work, I had very few tasks, and so there wasn’t much for me to do.


Fatima, my supervisor, seemed very busy, and I was reluctant to bother her. I did spend a fair


amount of time talking to different people at the center, and I’m glad I had an opportunity to do


this, predominately because I think it helped me gain a lay of the land and understand exactly


what the objectives of the organization were. However, I was eventually tasked with putting


together a PowerPoint about the beginning of Fondation Orient Occident in English. I have


greatly enjoyed working on this project, as it has been both educational and has allowed me the


opportunity to have discussions with many of the employees and individuals at OOF.


Additionally, it has given me the ability to control my time there, and I have felt much better


about having something to do during the time that I am there. After I received this task,


everything has gone great. The people are incredibly friendly, and I love the mission of the


organization. I look forward to continuing work there and I look forward to the connections that I


will continue to develop.

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