Internationality in Seoul

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Federica P.

Federica P.

Hello friends,

Today I wanted to tell you a bit more about how many people from all around the world I have met! Yonsei and Seoul are really international so it is easy to get to know about other individuals’ cultures and their stories.

One of the things I love the most about traveling is that you get to learn about other travelers’ experiences, as every culture is different in even the small things. It is also really interesting when you realize that your culture might be really similar to somebody you have never imagined. Your mind opens up so much throughout these experiences, which is also what helps you adapt yourself to different situations.

Since I arrived at the airport in Seoul I started meeting people from different countries including Brazil, Israel, Italy, Mexico. Since then, I realized I would have got more familiarity with people from new countries I did not know about or I had never visited. My home school is really international so I already got to hear a lot about other cultures, however, you never stop learning.

A lot of my friends are from the US, however, they were born in a different country and then moved to America when they were little or they have part of their family that still lives in the original place. Then there are a lot of people like me that are from either Asia or Europe but they are doing college in the US and now they are studying abroad-abroad in South Korea. 

I have met people from China, Japan, Nepal, or different places in Europe. It is so nice to share my experiences as well. Something that I noticed is really common for those who travel a lot is to compare every small detail. But that is also how you learn. Anything can be different; one of the funniest things that I notice is different around the world is how milk is packed. Some countries have it in carton, some others in plastic or glass bottles and then there is who has it in a plastic bag.

People’s way of thinking and habits are also a big factor because of course, you will get along more with someone who is similar to you. But you can still learn and get used to hang out with everyone and who knows, you might have things in common with them too. That is how you also grow as a person.

Traveling have you meet people with the same open mentality as you that is willing to get to know new cultures and to try new things. And they will be able to adapt themselves to any situation without complaining too much, even if it was something that did not meet the expectations.

Studying abroad will open your mind, and after it, you will have way more knowledge than before. That is also why it is important to choose a place that you do not know much about. When do you get to live for five months or more in a completely different country and get to study, travel and meet people? Even if you end up getting a job somewhere different in the future it will never be the same thing.

Here are some of my thoughts about internationality, hope you enjoyed it. Bye for now,


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