Icecream Fondue? OMG

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Linda Z.

Linda Z.

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying icecream fondue, a new dessert event hosted by Baskin Robbins. Honestly, I never knew how fancy and chic Baskin Robbins can be until I came to Seoul. My friends and I had just finished watching the famous Han River fountain show that begun somewhat unexcitingly (it wasn't a show, really), and we wanted something special to finish off the night. Coincidentally, Baskin Robbins happens to be open still, and they're hosting this big Pokemon Icecream event to fuel the recent interest in pokemon desserts (because the convenience Pokemon bread is still very much a thing right now). Hopping on the bus, we took a relaxing ride all the way to CoEx Mall. Some of you might be familiar with this place, because it's also where the super aesthetic Starfield library is located in. For that particular day though, the most exciting thing for us was the GIGANTIC Baskin Robbins near the library.

The interior was beautiful, and it's literally the faciest Baskin Robbins I've ever seen in my entire life. If it weren't for the recognizable company logo, I would have thought I walked into the wrong icecream shop. My friends and I were very interested in trying the icecream fondue, because we really didn't know how it can work. The dessert was served in this giant platter wiht an array of icecream flavors to choose from, completed with a milk chocolate fondue and some cups of topping choices. The experience was fantastic, and we had a great time trying the different flavors. I'm particularly impressed that the icecream didn't melt when I dipped it into the fondue, instead the chocolate hardens and forms a shell which added a nice crunch to the creamy icecream. 

Since the icecream balls were kind of tiny, we ordered an additional icecream sampler.

Icecream sampler with Pokemon icecream

One of the flavors that came with this was the pokemon icecream. Not gonna lie, it wasn't any of our favorite. It kind of just tasted like a facier version of banana flavored icecream with chocolate chunks in it. The rest of the flavors were generally pretty good, but were all a bit too sweet. The sorbet was our group favorite since it's the least sweet out the ones we had. On the bright side, this icecream sampler is customizable so you can pick which flavors to be in your sampler! Experience is definitely a 10/10, but I would reconsider on the flavor choices we made for next time.

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