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Bianca B.

Bianca B.

A week ago I had a chance to snag a ticket to go to the Mcountdown live tour!

This tour is available on the SM website for English, Chinese, and Japanese speakers. The tour is split into those 3 sections. You get the chance to see the complex through a ten minute tour. After that, you have to wait to be separated by group. The tour guides will play rock-paper-scissors to see which section will take first, second, and third row. Luckily we were in first row!! 

It was very easy getting there from Yonsei. SM also gives you an address to follow. Once getting there you go inside the building, and you see many people already lining up. I walked in, and I saw people waiting outside of the line. Many of the idols were walking up and down from the stage to that first floor check-in area. All I heard was screaming, and many of the idols greeted the fans with a wave and some finger hearts. 

We got in line to go into the studio, and obviously being unprepared, I had to check which groups were performing. You can check that day on the Mcountdown's twitter account. 

Once the show starts, each group performs one song to be recorded, and then the next group will do their segment. I forgot I was at a live recording of the show at some points. It felt like a mini concert for each group. It was so much fun being in the crowd and hearing the fan cheers. 

I' m also a fake fan because there was one group that looked soooo familiar, and most of the crowd knew them. I was so shook because I thought one of the members was a part of another group. I did my research and I realized it was NU'EST. I was so disappointed in myself because I really liked their past songs, and the group in general. 


I never went to a live recording of a show before. It's fun because you get to see your favorite groups, or find new groups. I found myself liking a lot of the groups, and also seeing my favorites like N.Flying & Eric Nam. The crowd was also very polite and stayed in there rows. Well...Until NU'EST came out. This was expected because it's NU'EST. I would mosh pit too!


If you want to experience Mcountdown here is the link: https://global.smtowntravel.com/


Pro Tip: tickets sell fast, so make sure to check the site often. Tickets come out last week of every month :) HAVE FUN! 

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