HYBE Insight

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Lydia T.

As an ARMY, I was excited to hear that the new HYBE building opened during my time here, and that a museum would be opened in the bottom two levels. Making a reservation was pretty easy, and I anticipated my visit for about two weeks. For anybody interested in BTS, TXT, Seventeen or ENHYPEN, HYBE Insight is a place you must go. The museum was a very cool experience, and it showcased many never before seen videos and pictures of the artists. The entire first floor you couldn't take any pictures or video, which shows how secretive it is meant to be. Physical items, like BTS' mics and outfits were also displayed. In addition, there was also a museum store at the end of the exhibit. The entire experience was incredibly fun and exciting, and anybody who likes HYBE artists would love the museum!

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