How Study Abroad Helped Me Discover My Potential

By Raycell Diaz Hernandez

Embarking on my senior year of college, the allure of studying abroad led me to the picturesque streets of Seville, Spain – a city where history, culture, and the promise of self-discovery harmonize. Little did I anticipate that this sojourn would not only unravel unexplored facets of my identity but also provide a platform to leverage my academic background and hone my Spanish skills.

Making new friends in Seville became an enchanting dance, a celebration of diversity that transcended cultural boundaries. Forming connections with peers from various corners of the world enriched my perspective and added a layer of empowerment to my journey. Navigating the streets of Seville hand-in-hand with friends, we've created a mosaic of memories that speak to the universal language of camaraderie.

Seville, with its architectural wonders and vibrant arts scene, has proven to be an inspirational haven. As a senior standing on the precipice of graduation, this city has become the canvas where I paint the aspirations of my academic journey. The experience of seeking inspiration in a foreign land has magnified my sense of empowerment, reminding me that the world is an expansive tapestry of opportunities waiting to be explored.

Amidst the cobblestone streets and the passionate rhythms of flamenco, Seville has been a crucible for testing my limits and discovering strengths previously untapped. Stepping away from the familiar rhythms of college life, I've learned to navigate challenges with resilience and adaptability. Venturing beyond the comforts of home, I found empowerment in embracing the unknown, trusting my instincts, and embracing the beauty of vulnerability.

My senior year abroad has not only been a voyage of personal growth but also a means of applying my academic knowledge to real-world scenarios. Engaging with Seville's diverse population has fostered a deeper understanding of global dynamics. As a native-born Spanish speaker from the Dominican Republic, navigating the language in Spain has been a unique experience, presenting both challenges and opportunities for linguistic growth. It's a journey that has connected me to the heart of Spanish culture and made me appreciate the nuances of language as a powerful tool in my academic pursuits.

In the heart of Seville, surrounded by the echoes of history and the warmth of newfound friendships, I am not merely a senior college student studying abroad; I am on a transformative quest, unlocking the untapped potential within myself. Through the lens of this enchanting city, I am not just learning about the world; I am harnessing the power of my academic background, improving my Spanish skills, and discovering my spiritual path by connecting with the rich Catholic religious history in Spain. The sacred sites and rituals have become a source of inspiration, adding a profound dimension to my journey of self-discovery.