How To: Picnic at the Han River

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One of the BEST ways to relish good weather in Seoul (especially before it gets too cold) is to picnic at the Han River. Now, I wouldn’t say that I am an expert--but I do have some experience in picnic-ing and I am here to share my thoughts. How to: Picnic at the Han River.

Han River

There are a lot of popular parks for picnicking along the Han River: Yeouido, Ttukseom, Banpo, etc--but my favorite is Yeouido! (and accessing the park from Yeouinaru station).

Once you get to the river--it is important to find the perfect ~picnic spot~ and of course, this does not mean just plopping down on any old grassy spot. The cool thing about picnicking at these river parks is that there are vendors lined up from outside the subway station that rent out all that you would possibly need for picnicking purposes! (I swear…. 4 years ago you could only rent a mat or tent--now there are endless options).

Dusk Picnic

I recommend a picnic mat (돗자리) proportional to how many people are with you--they have 왕 사이즈 (king size) which is best when you have more than 4 people. Along with your picnic mat, a foldable table is a nice addition to put your food on. You can also rent a cute lamp light so that when it gets dark, you can still see everyone’s faces. (Or life hack if you want to save a few dollars: take a plastic water bottle that is transparent--extra points if colored--and shine your phone flashlight from the bottom for a make-shift lamp!) You can also rent some tents too but I think the open-air picnic style is the best!

(You do have to leave some sort of ID with them when you rent the items but don't worry--this is not a sketchy thing. Just remember which vendor you are borrowing from.)

Once you have the perfect spot and the added ~ambiance~ from your cute lamp and some chill music playing on someone’s portable speaker. It is time for the main event: FOOD!


Now, you have a couple options for this one. You can (A. bring your own packed food from home (B. visit a nearby convenience store for ramen/snacks (C. get takeout at a nearby restaurant (D. Street Food or (E. (the clear winner) order delivery food. 


When you walk from the subway stop towards the river park, it is very likely that you get ambushed by lots of older women passing out flyers for places that deliver to the river. These places usually all sell the same things but you can look for which ones look the most delicious based on the photos on the flyers/where the deals are the best. Usually this sort of food consists of fried chicken, pizza, ddeokbokki, french fries, etc. 

Yay food

Of course, this method requires some level of Korean language skill. However, I think it is not only a great way to practice your Korean (new level unlocked: phone calls) but also to get a very authentic experience at the river. All you really have to do is call up the restaurant and order your food. Then, ask for it to be delivered to one of the delivery zones (한강배달존), the one closest to you. I believe there are 3 spots at Yeouido. They will tell you how much it is (sometimes there is a discount if you pay in cash) and you can await a phone call for when the food is just about to arrive. Once you get that call, make your way to the delivery zone to secure the goods! (But double check what is inside your bag as usually the drivers have multiple orders at one time)

Delivery Food

And that is it! Then it is up to you to enjoy your picnicking! Take in the views, enjoy the calm atmosphere and watch time just fly by with friends. Picnicking at the Han River will always be something you will remember fondly!