Hello Busan

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Lauren H.

Lauren H.

My first big trip in Korea!

We got up early to catch the KTX at 11am. For the first half of the ride I was on zoom attending my philosophy class. Even when we are on "vacation"  attendence is still important.

My friends and I decided to book an airbnb because most of the time it is cheaper, especially split between the four of us. Because of our classes our first day in Busan was uneventful, but we took the time to get to know the area we would be staying in for the next few days.

We spent the next day at Haeundae Beach. It was a windy day so there weren't too many people at the beach. What was cool was they were building sand sculptures (I believe they are currently completed). They were so detailed. I was amazed by the attention to detail and how long it must have took to get it perfect. I know that once it got too tedious I would have quit. After taking some pictures at Haeundae we went to our appointment at the blueline park sky capsules. It was nice to get a view of coast.

The next day we met up with Bestie Ryan, a classmate of my friend Erika who lives in Busan, and he gave us the Busan World Tour. 

We first went to Gamcheon Village. It was a vibrantly colored village with many twists and turns. It was very beautiful, but we didn't stay long before we went to our next stop.

He then drove us to the other side of Busan to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. It's not called the most beautiful temple in Korea for nothing. It layed right next to the water and when it was quiet you could hear the water crashing into the rocks below. 

As it got later we decided our last stop would be Gwangalli Beach. On Saturday's they have a light show at 8pm and again at 10pm. I actually didn't know this was going to happen so I was really surprised when I saw a bunch of drones starting to fly all at once. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

On the strip by the beach are a few bars so we all decided to drink and hang out (please drink responsibly). I think this is one of my fondest memories while being in Korea. We just spent that time talking and getting to know each other. We didn't even notice the time passing. 

Busan will have a special place in my heart when I think about my time in Korea.

Thank you Busan for being so welcoming. I hope to see you again.


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