Hangul Museum with YECCO Buddies~

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Liz S.

In just seven days, South Korea will be celebrating the creation and dissemination of Hangul—the Korean alphabet—by King Sejong in the year 1443; Hangul became the official writing system three years later. To celebrate Hangul Day or Korean Alphabet Day, I and other CIEE students visited the Hangul Museum guided by the amazing YECCO members! Some exciting news is that the museum is getting a new exhibition; unfortunately for us, that meant we were only to view the 3rd-floor exhibit.

Inside the museum, we saw many Korean textbooks that elementary schoolers would use to study in class. Even the old versions have many striking similarities to the books we use in Korean language classes now! The exhibit also displayed many depictions of traditional Korean children's stories. There were interactive activities about the stories as well as plays, films, and stop-action animations. Additionally, many parts of the exhibition used light projections to bring the stories to life! Check out the picture gallery for more~

After touring the museum exhibit, we did a short Hangul activity with the YECCO Buddies! The YECCO Buddies were given a tongue twister that they had to compete to see who could say it the fastest. CIEE students participated in a photo competition. We had to take the most creative picture of ourselves posing in the shape of Korean letters. We managed to win the contest and they had the amazing Bell of King Seongdeok in the background!! Check out our photo and see if you can guess what we spelled out, and check your answer below!




(Answer: 예코 or YECCO)