Hanal Pixán: A tradition you will remember for the rest of your life.

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From Yucatan to the rest of the world, Hanal Pixán is a magical experience where people celebrate those persons who have passed away.
Hanal Pixán means "The meal of the spirits," and it is a Mayan ritual fused with Spanish colonial tradition.
Starting on October 31, the legend says that the dead people visit their families in this world, like spirits or souls; People make altars decorated with different things and food that dead people used to use and eat before they died. You can see various and colorful types of altars, but all of them have the same intention, to offer dead people a symbol to remember all that people and why not provide them love.
On November 1, people celebrate deceased children, and it is a tradition to offer them over the altars, food, and candies that they used to like most, as well as pray and do other rituals to remember them.
Live people put on the altar pictures and objects from those who want to remember, as well as fruits of the season, incense to guide the spirits, salt, and water, symbolizing the beginning and end of life.
The same thing happened on November 2, but now it turns out to celebrate adults.
If you have the opportunity to visit Merida these days, you cannot miss this beautiful tradition, which I'm pretty sure you will love.