Han River, fried chicken & friends

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Federica P.

Federica P.

Hello friends, and welcome back! I am really excited to write this blog as I will tell you about how I spent last Sunday. 

First of all, let me explain how thanks to the CIEE program, I’m getting to meet Korean people that are our Seoul Mates. They’re students from different schools that speak English and have our age. CIEE creates a small group and matches who have similar interests, so that we can hang out to get to know more about Seoul and Korea.

Last weekend I went to Han River with Yejeong and two over students from the program, Eli and Janice. It was fun, mainly because I got to meet new people and hear about their experiences. Besides, I really like the Han River. I found out that there are different areas where you can go, and people just spend time with their family and friends by doing picnics or going on walks. It was so cute how there were so many kids playing and running around.

We were lucky as the weather was the perfect temperature, even if it got a bit colder later in the evening. We walked around and then decided to get some fried chicken and eat it at the table available for everyone. It was my first time trying Korean fried chicken, and I loved it. We got to know each other during this time and talked about things we wanted to do in Seoul.

It was such a relaxing Sunday, and the atmosphere was fantastic! Sunset time came, and even if the sky was not totally clear, the colors were so pretty, and they reflected against some of the buildings around. After dinner, we kept exploring; there were so many cute lights or seating spots available for everyone. We were also looking for the “I Seoul U” letter that we finally found.

I really like how there are free tables where people can enjoy their food brought from home or prepared in the convenience store. It’s amazing how you can just make ramen at the moment and eat it there. Yejeong also told us that it is possible to borrow a blanket to sit on the ground if you do not have it. But there are a lot of seating spots anyway.

As you can tell, I will definitely go back there, but maybe I’ll try another area next time. I saw a video about a floating Starbucks on Han River, so I’m excited to go there. There are so many things I want to do and see, so I feel like my time here will pass by so fast.

This is all for now! I hope you enjoyed reading about my Sunday. As always, stay tuned for more,



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