Han River Adventure

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Keagan P.

Keagan P.

My group of friends took a trip to Han River Park this weekend! To say it was beautiful is an understatement. We arrived a few minutes after sunset, barely catching the end of it, and the view was phenomenal. The city skyline was gorgeous and the city lights shone in the background. Words can't describe how much I loved it. It's also a great place to take pictures! The famous "I Seoul U" letters are front and center with the river in the background making for an amazing photo op. There was something special about seeing the river in person. I had seen photos before, but it's almost as if I came to the realization that I'm ACTUALLY living my dream right now which made it even more wonderful.

As for activities at the park, there were various performers at the river. The live music added to the ambiance in my opinion. There was even a quieter area right beside the river if you wanted something more peaceful and relaxing. Though we didn't get to do this, they had a Han River cruise which I will be trying the next time I visit. I feel like the best time to go would be sunrise or sunset, but no matter what time of day you go you'll have an amazing view! We also saw several people renting bicycles and riding around the park. They have bike lanes specifically for that reason!

Since it was dinner time when we got there, we explored the street vendors and the variety of foods they had to offer. I ended up going with my favorite foods: chicken, tteokbokki (떡볶이), and rolled ice cream for dessert. Everything I had tasted great! If I had been hungrier, I probably would have gotten even more food because everything looked so good! After we ate and enjoyed the view, we headed back to the dorm. We didn't realize it but we were standing in the wrong place for the bus stop and one of the locals helped us find our way just in time for the bus to pick us up. Something I've noticed during my time here so far is that the people here are SO helpful. Overall it was a fantastic night and I WILL be visiting again before I leave!

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