Graffiti Tour in Buenos Aires

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January in Buenos Aires

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Natalia Nadal

 By Professors Bruno Nunes and Natalia Nadal

Some days ago, Intercultural Communication and Leadership students from Open Campus, Block I,  went for a Graffiti Tour in Palermo's neighborhood to get in touch with Argentine street art and specific culture with professors Natalia Nadal and Bruno Nunes

Guided by the anthropologist Mariano, they had the opportunity to experience and learn about the different styles, techniques, as well as the history of graffiti and of Argentina itself.

The tour gave an interesting in-depth on challenging values, focused from the artsy, spontaneous view that Buenos Aires art movement has to offer.

Some of these challenging values were discussed during the tour: Universalism vs Particularism (rules vs relationships); Communitarianism vs Individualism (group vs individual); Neutral vs Emotional (the range of feelings expressed); Diffuse vs Specific (the range of involvement); Achievement vs Ascription (how status is accorded).

Through experiential learning, ICL classes focus on engaging the different cultural agendas offered by Buenos Aires and connect outside-inside classroom with theory and practice.