GOT7 Jay B Concert VIP experience!!!

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Jay B Seoul Concert - Sept 24th 2022
YES24 Live Hall - Where many concerts are held at!

     Unfortunately, I failed to get Monsta X and Blackpink concert tickets however, I luckily was able to get VIP tickets for GOT7 Jay B! Jay B has been top my favorite idol and solo Korean artist for the last few years so being able to see him perform live but also see him up close and meet him was such a surreal memorable night. Not only is his concert my first here in Korea but also my first time getting VIP tickets for any artist, especially since they're usually so expensive in America! VIP tickets for Jay B were about $125 USD! Which is usually the average ticket price for general admission back home. The overall experience of soundcheck, VIP, and standing type of venue was all new to me as I've only been to a couple of concerts held at big arenas. After receiving our tickets, they also gave these little treats (reminded of a Filipino dessert just with sweet filling inside) that either Jay B himself or his team helped prepare to give to each fan not only VIP fans. Then found someone giving these free packets with a Jay B fan, mask, letter stickers to decorate your mask, and candy! 

     For soundcheck, it was held a couple of hours prior to the actual concert showtime. Jay B performed a few of songs from his first solo album, one GOT7 song, and a couple of unofficial songs from his SoundCloud. During the first 5 minutes of soundcheck, I was nervous, excited, and emotional all at the same time at the fact I was seeing Jay B up close. As with VIP tickets, my friend and I had low entry ticket numbers we were almost front row to the stage, so my friend and I were feeling all sorts of emotions to see one of our favorite idols in person so close! I was so emotional during soundcheck that I was tearing up and eventually was crying for a couple of minutes with how happy I was to see Jay B in person! 

My view of the stage before the concert started


Jay B during soundcheck

     For his actual concert, Jay B is a great performer with his dancing and singing skills! He performs exactly as I see online and Throughout the show, I could tell Jay B seemed genuinely happy to be performing in front of his fans especially being his first solo concert since he debuted as a solo more than a year ago.  Jay B was great but for my friend and me, since we had to line up and reenter the venue after soundcheck, we got different spots in the standing crowd and sadly were behind a tall girl who blocked our view most of the time sadly. So our concert experience wasn't the best because of that girl but at soundcheck, we definitely had a good view of Jay B and had eye contact with him a few times!

     After the concert, since we had VIP tickets we were able to meet Jay B! one of the benefits of VIP tickets was receiving photo cards of himself directly from Jay B! After we got the photocards these other fans came up to my friend and I wanting to compare Jay B signature and asking us if they were real! 


      if you have the budget for when you come to South Korea, definitely get VIP tickets for your favorite Korean artists if you can! And good luck when you buy tickets online, it's a nerve wrecking competition! 

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