Goseokjeong Pavillion

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Grace S.

Grace S.

If you're looking for a more rural destination in South Korea, looking to get away from the populous cities of Seoul, Busan, and Daegu, and even avoid tourist spots like Jeju and Jeonju, I have a trip for you! You will need a car, or a person to drive you, but it's a beautiful sight to see. East of Seoul is a spot called Goseokjeong Pavillion. This beautifully painted pavillion, famous with the Korean military, overlooks a picturesque gorge and river. It is situated in a UNESCO Geopark, so the land is protected. K-Dramas have been filmed at this location, and there is a famous legend of the area: it is said that the "Korean Robinhood" of the 15th-16th century hid away from the Korean king in this gorge. The story of this charitable bandit was written during Korea's Joseon period, and though it may be imbelished and many people may be combined into one character, it still stands that beautiful Goseokjeong Pavillion is a landmark in the legend. 

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