Goodbye Seoul

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Summer Korean Studies

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Yomi A.

     This journey has been interesting to say the least. From getting in a car accident my first week of being in Korea to meeting some really cool international friends, I have had some experiences that I will defintely be recounting to future generations. Seoul has taught me about myself. It has taught me how much I like to spend when I am super sad and how much I isolate myself when I feel lonely. However, it has also taught me how friendly I am and how despite the language barrier or difference in culture, I always want to make friends with people. Even though I've been in adult for a year and a half, my mindset wasn't necessarily that of an adult. I truly became and adult after living in Korea. I've experienced true independence, pain, unforgettable memories, and lifechanging decisions. Korea has revealed parts of me that I didn't know existed. I feel like I'm at the end of a coming-of-age movie in which I am the main character. To Seoul, to life, and to prosperity! Thank you Korea for not only changing me, but for showing me who I really am. :)

-Yomi :)