Going to Delight Seoul

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Emma S.

Delight Seoul is a unique, immersive art museum that focuses on Korea’s media art utilizing 11 different themes. Fortunately, the exhibition was extended until August, and I was able to go with my friend one weekend. Located in Insadong, the art museum was on the first floor of Insa Central Museum, with lots of small shops and cafés nearby. There were quite a few signs advertising the museum, so it was easy enough to tell I was in the right place. Because it is an interactive museum, I am able to remember more about it afterwards as a visual learner. While there are 11 installations, it only took us about an hour to get through it all because they are quite small and there is not much to do. I wish the experience could have lasted longer because I found the interactive aspects to be fascinating.

There is one section that involves food but with COVID still prevailing, we could not participate in the interactive feature. However, It would be interesting to see how that certain installation worked pre-COVID. There is another exhibit that is just for kids, and overall the museum is inclusive for all ages. Furthermore, in one section we are able to take our photo, decorate it, and have it displayed on a bigger screen (with other people’s pictures as well) which recreates the nightlife feeling many areas in Seoul have. The glowing of the screens and neon colors in the pictures almost made me feel like I was in Hongdae at night. In addition, there is also a heavy emphasis on zodiacs and Korean language. All the interactive aspects utilize a unique barcode given at the entrance that is customized with your birthday (for the zodiac installation). Many of the installations show how the past melds into the present, and this experience allowed me to visualize various cultural aspects of Korea, as well as further understand what is valued in Korea and how we can preserve the past in present artwork and technology.


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