Global Internship with a Non-Profit Day 1 (!!!)

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Cara G.

Cara G.

It is absolutely crazy how quickly the first six weeks of the Global Internship Program went by. At the end of last week I finished up my two Block I classes and said goodbye to my friends that are now moving on to their next destination for Block II. Six weeks is just enough time to become close friends with other people on the program and I was definitely sad to be going our separate ways. However, I am excited for them to explore their new cities and excited for me because I get to begin the internship portion of the program (!!)

Internship Overview:

Today was the first day of my internship at One Young World.  One Young World is a non-profit based out of London that creates a global forum for young leaders to enact impactful change in their communities. One Young World partners with major companies, such as Coca-Cola and L'Oreal, as well celeberties/humanitarians, like Meghan Markle and Justin Trudeau, to provide resources and guidance to young leaders from all over the globe. During my internship with One Young World, I will be working in their Community department, where my role will focus on social media content creation and community engagement.  It's only day 1 I already got to do some social media tasks right off the bat, which is a truly a great start to these next 8 weeks! Click here if you would like to learn more about One Young World and all the amazing things they do! 

First Impressions:

The night before and this morning I was getting pretty nervous about starting the internship, to be completely honest. I am very familiar and comfortable with school and taking classes, but a work enviroment in London was seemed a little intimidating. However, I just kept reminding myself that I am adapatable and capable! It turned out that I had nothing to stress about whatsoever. 

When I arrived at One Young World today, I was immediately included in two team meetings, one with the Community department and one with the entirety of the 30+ person office. I got to meet the co-founder of One Young World, Kate Roberston within an hour of being there! It was really inspriring to hear her talk about One Young World and its mission. I could not be more excited to intern for a non-profit with such an amazing purpose and such passionate leadership. 

Additionally, I found out that One Young World is a very collaborative enviroment. The interns, me and another girl who is my age from the United States as well (side note: she was SO nice and welcoming, so happy I have a lunch buddy to try out all the restaurants in the area with !), sit amongst all of the employees working in the Community department and can go to them with any questions we may have. Additionally, as an intern at One Young World I will get to do a lot of projects/assignments that are of an important nature that full-time employees would work on as well. I really appreciate that the work I will be doing is valuable and the experience it will give me. 

Day One Takeaways: 

It is definitely different to go from exploring London most days with only a few hours of class to sitting at a desk all day. However, I am looking forward to the routineness of it and really feeling like I live in London, rather than just a tourist hanging out here for a few weeks. 

Additionally, I feel like I have already learned so much in the one day I have down at the internship. I can't wait to see what all I wil learn about myself and the working world in the next eight weeks. I am really hoping that this internship will help point me in the right direction of what I want to do future-wise and what working styles suit me, this is truly the perfect opportunity to do just that! 


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