Global Education Program -Buenos Aires

Authored By:

Natalia Nadal

By Alex Sorensen, St. Olaf College

Hello! My name is Alexa Sorensen, and I'm a student from St Olaf College, studying on our Global Semester program. We have been traveling to different countries around the world and studying their respective education systems. While in Buenos Aires, we are working with CIEE, who connected us with the St. Mary's International Baccalaureate School for a visit. We had the chance to spend the whole day there, interacting with students and teachers, visiting classes, and touring the facilities. 


Upon arriving at the school, we were given a short presentation by some of the administrators, and then were split into groups to visit classrooms. This was my favorite part of the day - we got the chance to meet students and sit with them to exchange questions about our lives, both in school and out. Over lunch, all of the St. Olaf students met up and we talked about what we had heard from students, and how glad we were to have had the chance to get to know them. We then sat in on an orchestra performance that left us all smiling as we headed over to the primary school. At the primary school, we were greeted by a few students that said they had a "surprise" for us. We were led into the auditorium, where they put on an adorable musical skit! Upon finishing, they came out into the crowd in their costumes and gathered us into groups to talk and bring us on a tour of the school building. Our last stop of the day was the pre-primary school, where we got to play with some adorable youngsters for a few minutes.


We are so grateful for this opportunity to interact with students and teachers in the Argentine school system, and think it was a valuable cultural and academic experience for everyone involved